Quick start with the data+ card

Only a few steps are required to get started straight away with your data+ M2M SIM card.

By default, your M2M SIM cards are delivered in the state "Test ready". This means that a limited free quota is immediately available to you: 20KB, 2 SMS or 2 minutes of voice (depending on the agreed scope of services). This means that the card can be used immediately without any manual activation. It is important that:

  • the SIM card is correctly inserted in your device
  • the APN is set to "wsim" and
  • you have activated the "Roaming" function in the device configuration.

As soon as your SIM card has used up the free quota, the SIM card changes its status in the online portal to "Ready for activation". From the next use, the SIM card is thus finally activated. Only then will the agreed fees be charged.

You can find the login to the online portal at https://whereversim.jasperwireless.com/provision/jsp/login.jsp. You received the access data in advance by email. If you have problems logging in to the portal, you can get support in this help article.