How can I activate my portal access? (data+)

To activate your account in the Jasper portal for your data+ card, you need to open the invitation email and confirm the link.

When you first receive a data+ M2M SIM card, you will be provided with portal access to manage your cards. To activate this access, you will receive an automatically generated email from the sender If you have not received this mail, please check your SPAM folder first, as these mails can occasionally be recognised as SPAM.

The system email contains an activation link under the title "Password Setup". Please click on this link and enter the requested data:

ATTENTION: Please make sure that you also enter the user name for the activation of the portal access. This is composed of first name and surname, each with a leading capital letter and no spaces in between: "FirstnameLastname".

The activation link is only valid for 72 hours from the time it is sent. If you receive the info that the link has expired, please contact our technical support by email at