What do the different statuses in the data+ portal mean?

A SIM card can be in different statuses. In the "Ready for testing" status, you can use up to 30KB of free test volume.

The following states are possible in the Jasper Portal of your data+ SIMs:

By default, the SIM cards are initially in the "Ready for testing" state. This means that the SIM cards are immediately ready for use if the APN is configured correctly. A free quota of 30KB data or 5 SMS or 2 voice minutes is immediately available.

If the free quota has been used, the SIM card automatically switches to the status "Ready for activation". Up to this point, you will not incur any costs. From the next use of the SIM card, the SIM is activated ("Activated" status) and activation charges incur. The statuses change automatically up to the "Activated" status, so manual activation is not necessary. If you do not want to use a SIM card temporarily, you can change the status to "Deactivated" in the portal. The services will then be stopped immediately. You will not be charged for months during which the SIM card was not activated at all.

If you no longer use a SIM card at all or have lost it, please set the status to "Withdrawn".