How do I activate the test SIM I received at the fair?

We are pleased that you would like to try out our M2M SIM. Here we explain all the steps so that you can use the SIM card directly.

All test SIM cards that you received at a trade fair are deactivated by default. So before the SIM cards can establish a connection for your devices, they have to be activated. To do this, we need some information from you in advance, for example an e-mail address.  With this, we set up access to our feature-rich online portal for the future administrators of the SIM cards. The access does not have to be limited to one person. We need the name and e-mail address of everyone who is to administer the test SIM via their own access. In order to assign the correct test SIM to the account, we need the number entered on the card sleeve. Please send the number and the overview of names and e-mail addresses by e-mail to

As soon as we have the data, we will set up your access. You will receive an e-mail from our online portal, which you can use to set a personal password for your login. You can then view the status of your SIM cards and the volume used at any time in the online portal.

In order for the SIM cards to work in the end devices, please set the APN "wsim" and activate the option "data roaming" in your end device. Authentication by username and password is not required and the entry of a PIN is also deactivated by default.

If you have any questions about the portal or the data+ SIM, you can obtain information here in the Help Centre as well as by e-mail to or by telephone at +49 40 2285257 - 77. We look forward to your project and wish you every success with your tests!