How can I use a surfstick with a Fritzbox 7590?

The surfstick can be connected to the USB interface of the router.

The USB stick must be suitable for use with the Fritzbox. You can obtain more detailed information from the manufacturer of the stick. The following steps are often carried out in this way, but may differ depending on the make. It is important that the options shown are set in this way.

  1. Connecting the surfstick to the laptop.

    After a short time, a window opens in the web browser to make settings. If the browser does not open automatically, the surfstick can be called up in the browser under the IP usually printed on the surfstick.

  2. Create a new profile in the surfstick.
    a.    Activate mobile data
    b.    Activate data roaming
    c.    Activate automatic network selection
    d.    Keep "User" and "Password" free
    e.    APN according to specification (see the respective article in the product area)
    f.     "Activate "Set as default profile
  3. Next, connect the laptop to the Fritz!Box. Either via Wifi or via cable.
  4. If necessary, update the FritzBox so that the following steps appear in the menu.
  5. In the overview menu (left) click on "System" , then on "Update"
    a.    Download and install the current version of the FritzBox (approx. 5 min).
  6. In the overview menu (left) under "Internet", select the menu item "Mobile radio".
    a.    USB tethering: "Internet access via smartphone or mobile phone stick active".
    b.    Further settings: "Activate extended compatibility mode for mobile phone sticks".