Why is the IMEI in the portal different from the one displayed by my device?

The IMEISV is displayed in the wherever SIM portal. Some devices, however, display the IMEI with check digit.

The IMEI is automatically transferred from the device to the wherever SIM portal when a PDP context (data session) is created. This transmitted IMEI can be viewed at any time in the wherever SIM portal (under "Details" at "Connected devices").

The IMEI displayed in the online portal is the IMEISV. Depending on the device and firmware, your device may show a different variant. A conversion from the IMEISV to the original IMEI can be performed using Luhn's algorithm.

Components of the IMEI

  • Type Allocation Code (TAC) - 8 Ziffern
  • Serial Number (SNR) - 6 Ziffern
  • Spare digit - 1 Ziffern

Components of the IMEISV

  • TAC - 8 Ziffern
  • SNR - 6 Ziffern
  • Software Version Number (SVN) - 2 Ziffern