Where can I see the consumption of my SIM? (connect+)

To get an overview of when which consumption was generated by the SIM, you have various options in the online portal.

Current data usage

To view the current data consumption of a SIM card, first go to the menu item "connected devices" in the online portal. Select the device in question and click on "Details". You will now see an area entitled "Consumption", which by default allows you to view the data consumption within the past hour.

You can use the toggle switch to change the view between data and SMS. Via the drop-down menu, which displays "last hour" by default, you can change the period viewed.

Usage per data session

Unfortunately, it is not possible to view hourly consumption beyond the past hour. Alternatively, data consumption per data session can be viewed in the event overview. To do this, go to the detailed overview of the end device of interest under "connected devices" and click on the event overview there. For the events "Delete PDP Context", click to expand the view to obtain more information. This event indicates that a data connection has been closed. The data consumption within the session is displayed in the information:

Daily usage

To see how much data was used per day per terminal, you can open the submenu "Stats" under "Connected devices" for the corresponding terminal under "Details". There you will find a tabular overview of data consumption and SMS consumption, as well as SMS costs incurred over the past few days. The period displayed can be adjusted via "Filter by".

Consumption per device in a user-defined time period

If you need an overview of the consumption per end device in a specific period, you will find a suitable evaluation in the "Reports" menu:

To do this, first click on the corresponding report "Usage per device" under (1). Under (2) you can filter different regions and define a time period. Click on (3) to export this overview as a CSV file for further use.