What are the regional internet breakouts for?

The Internet breakout defines the point at which the transition to the Internet takes place.

An APN serves as a gateway between the mobile network and the internet. When a mobile device sends data, this data flows accordingly via the mobile network to the APN and then to the internet to the destination address. If the mobile device and the destination address are on the same continent, but the APN is on a different continent, then there will be high latency and possibly data loss. To eliminate this problem, the connect+ SIM offers regional APNs (called Regional Internet Breakout) in Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific. These can be configured via the service policies in the Device Policies submenu.

Special breakouts for the use of VPN

Please note that for security and performance reasons we distinguish our breakouts between VPN and non-VPN breakouts. If you intend to use a VPN service, such as OpenVPN, please always select an Internet breakout that includes the suffix "(VPN)".