Quick start with your connect+ SIM card

Only a few settings are required in advance to use your connect+ M2M SIM cards.

To use your M2M SIM cards, settings must first be made in the online portal. You can access the online portal via the link https://portal.whereversim.de. You have already received the access data in advance by e-mail with the dispatch of your first wherever SIM connect+ card. If this is not the case, you will receive support in this help article.

If you have received a test SIM card, we have already created devices for your SIM cards in the online portal. You can find these in the portal under the menu item "Connected devices". Devices are the linking of a SIM card with an IP address, a service profile and a tariff profile. Devices in the portal therefore reflect your physical devices. One such endpoint is required for each device used. If it is not a test card, then the devices must be created in advance in the portal. The easiest way to do this is directly via the online portal. Alternatively, the API is also available for this purpose.

Create Devices

We explain how to create endpoints in this help article.

Configure your physical devices

To use your connect+ M2M card, the device must be configured after inserting the SIM card. It is important that:

  • the APN is correctly configured as "wm"
  • the function "roaming" is enabled on your device.

The SIM card can then be used, taking into account the network coverage. You can view the status of the device in real time in the online portal by calling up the corresponding device under "Connected devices".