IMSI, MCC and MNC (connect+)

Unless otherwise agreed, your connect+ M2M SIM card is a multi-IMSI SIM.

In order to realise a broad network coverage with the best possible prices for you, our connect+ SIM cards are equipped with several IMSIs. An IMSI is a unique number for identification in mobile networks. The SIM card contains a microcontroller that can change these numbers triggered by the device. This means that the MCC (Mobile Country Code) and MNC (Mobile Network Code) combination can also change during operation. This is usually unproblematic for the device, but can mean, especially for Android devices, that the APN must be stored several times. In Android devices, the APN is always selected in combination with the MCC and MNC. To obtain complete coverage, please configure the APN for the following combinations of MCC and MNC:

295 05
295 09
537 03
901 43
206 01
234 50

If your end device requires the fixed configuration of MCC and MNC, we recommend on the one hand the use of a Single-IMSI-SIM (your sales partner will be happy to advise you) and on the other hand the use of the combination 295 / 09. However, with this we can unfortunately only guarantee limited network coverage.