How is an IP address assigned to my device wit a connect+ SIM?

When you create a device in the online portal, your SIM is also assigned an IP. You can select this yourself or assign it manually.

You can see the IP address ranges already available to you in the menu item "Integrations" under the section "IP address space management". By clicking "Add IP address space", you can reserve further IP address spaces:

Add IP adress space

Please note that unused address ranges are automatically released again on a regular basis, i.e. they are taken away from you again. You can add new spaces at any time.

The IP address ranges are exclusively private IP addresses. These cannot be accessed from outside without a VPN connection. For remote access to the IP addresses, please see this article.

Assigning an IP address to a SIM card

When you create a new device in the portal, a free IP address is automatically assigned from the available address spaces. If you want to select an IP address yourself, please proceed as follows:

Manually assign IP address