How does remote access to my device work with a connect+ SIM?

The connect+ SIM provides you with various options for remote access to your end devices.

a) OpenVPN

Already included in your package is a connection via OpenVPN. With an OpenVPN client, you have the option of accessing the device directly via the private IP that is assigned to the device. We will be happy to provide you with instructions on how to establish a connection via OpenVPN.

b) IPsec Tunnel

In addition to the free OpenVPN, there is also the option of using an IPsec tunnel for which a fee is charged. Using an IPsec tunnel, you can, for example, couple two networks with each other. This makes it possible, for example, for devices connected via mobile radio to be addressed directly via your local network.

c) AWS Transit Gateway

In addition to OpenVPN and IPsec, we offer you a direct connection to your AWS Cloud via an AWS Transit Gateway for a fee. As no separate transport of data packets via the internet is required, this provides additional security.

If you are interested in an IPsec tunnel or an AWS connection, please contact us.