How do I send an SMS to my device with a connect+ SIM?

You can send an SMS from an external device or directly via the online portal.

Some devices support SMS commands. To send an SMS with such a command to the device, you can send an SMS to the call number of the SIM card, which is designated as MSISDN in the portal. The MSISDN starts with the Luxembourg prefix +423 and must be entered. If you want to send a message externally from the device itself, please also enter the country code of the recipient number.

SMS messages can also be sent directly to the unit via the online portal. To do this, open the SMS console under "connected devices" for the corresponding device. A message window opens where you can compose the message. If desired, you can also enter a different sender number so that the terminal responds to this number, for example. Please also note here that the sender's country code is required.

SMS versenden connectplus