How can I retrieve the location of my device? (connect+)

Under certain conditions, it is possible to determine the approximate location of the device via radio cell data.

based on Google's location API

Google Maps collects information from Android devices that is used to calculate the approximate location for a SIM card, based on cell information. To locate the SIM card, the endpoint must be online with 2G:


based on the position of the network elements

The radio cell information provides an approximate location based on the mobile country code, mobile network code, area code and mobile ID.

To retrieve this information, you can use our wherever SIM API with the following request:



 "subscriber_info": {

    " location": {

     "current_location_retrieved": true,

     "age_of_location": 0,

     "cell_global_id": {

       " Mcc": "“262”,

       "mnc": "“01”,

       "lac": 23123,

       " Cid": 23121




  "request_timestamp": "2019-02-16T13:37:21.4150000+00:00",

  "reply_timestamp": "2019-02-16T13:37:51.8230000+00:00"


To display this information on your system, you can find the coordinates with any Cell ID Finder Web site or app (such as To locate a SIM card, the device containing the SIM must be logged onto a network. (Unlike the other API requests, the SIM does not need to be online and sending data. It is sufficient if the SIM card is logged into the network). We therefore generally recommend using this second variant.