How can I determine which network my device connects to (blacklisting)? (connect+)

With the wherever SIM, more than 485 networks are available to you worldwide. However, if you prefer a specific network, you can use the blacklisting to block other providers.

Which providers are supported at all?

The wherever SIM connect+ SIM connects to many mobile networks worldwide. The easiest way to see which networks are activated for you is via the online portal. To do this, go to the "Network coverage policies" table under the menu item "Device policies". There, by opening the tariff plan you are using, you can see the activated zones and a map with the countries covered. Click on a country to see which providers are supported there:

Coverage english

How can individual network operators be blocked?

In rare cases, it may make sense to exclude individual providers from the network selection. If your terminal supports this, such blacklisting (exclude providers) or whitelisting (specify selected providers) should be configured on your terminal. However, blocking can also be done directly from the online portal. Please note, however, that your terminal device may still attempt to connect to this blocked provider. The device will only be denied logging into the network, so that a device-side change of the selected provider must take place.

Blacklisting takes place in the portal at the device level. Therefore, first select the device for which a provider is to be blacklisted under "Connected devices". In the details of the device you will find the item "Operator Blacklist" with an "Edit" link next to it. By clicking on this, you will get a drop-down field with a search option and can select providers:

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As soon as you have selected one or more providers there, they are added to the blacklist. If you now click outside the dropdown, the providers are displayed in the blacklist. By clicking on "Edit", you can remove blacklisted providers and add new ones.