How can I deactivate a connect+ SIM so that no further costs are incurred?

There is no charge for SIM cards that have not been activated within a month. A SIM can be deactivated and reactivated at any time.

SIM cards are usually only activated if they are assigned to an active "connected device". To deactivate such a SIM card, go to the menu item "Connected devices" in the online portal and find the device you want to deactivate. You will find a slider for each device which indicates in green that a device is activated and in grey that it is deactivated:

To deactivate a device and its SIM card, click on the green slider so that it turns grey and says "Deactivated". The SIM card is now deactivated and will no longer generate costs in the following month.

Activated SIM cards that are not assigned to a device

Since the conversion of our online portal in December 2021, the states of SIM cards and endpoints have been coupled. If there are still SIM cards from the old portal that are activated but not assigned to a device, you can see this via a message in the "Dashboard" menu item:

Click on "Deactivate SIMs now" here to have these SIM cards automatically deactivated.

Deactivating SIM cards via the SIM inventory

You can also deactivate SIM cards simply via the SIM inventory. To do this, first go to the menu item "SIM inventory" and then select the SIM cards you want to deactivate in the list. A new menu appears at the top of the screen, which you can use to deactivate the selected SIM cards: