How can I configure limits on my connect+ SIM?

By default, no limits are set for your SIM cards. However, these can be set in the service policies.

Regardless of the rates set with your sales partner, there is no limit to consumption for your SIM card. If the agreed inclusive volume is used up, a fee will be charged for the additional consumption (per MB or SMS). This will be explicitly stated in your contract documents. There is no throttling of the speed at any time.

If you want to avoid exceeding the agreed inclusive volume, then you can set limits in the online portal. This works by defining a service policy:

Limits can be defined for data, for incoming and for outgoing SMS. In addition, restrictions on the networks used and other options are possible.

After you have created a policy, you can assign it to your connected devices:

As soon as one of the defined limits is exceeded, the corresponding service is automatically interrupted until the end of the current billing period. This means that, for example, no further data exchange can take place. To change this, you must either adjust the limit in the policy or create a new policy that you assign to the connected device.